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Migrating Blog to Octopress, Life Changes Abound

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Hey folks! I’ve got my blog migrated to octopress. Nifty, huh? Anyways, the goal is to start making regular posts about my software engineering adventures. I’ve setup redirects so that some of my more popular blog posts about android rest, geocoding, and the like all get 301 redirected, so those will still be accessible for anyone still interested.

I’ve been pretty silent on the blogging front for quite sometime. Much has changed in the last year or so. Hotelicopter, my long-time employer, has been acquired by a newer, bigger startup called Room Key. Room Key is a hotel search engine, much like hotelicopter - except with a much bigger focus on consumer travel (not to mention some very special relationships with the biggest hotel chains in the world).

For some more information on Room Key, checkout some of these news stories

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