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Announcing Clj-postageapp

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Looking for a clean way to send email from your clojure application? My favorite option for email sending is a service called postageapp. There are tons of options of course, but I like postageapp because of one really nifty feature – templates.

Rather than worrying about email message HTML formatting on the application side, postageapp allows you to define HTML/CSS templates ahead of time, than when you want to send a message with that template, you make an api call to postageapp, simply specify which email template you want to use, and pass in any variable data that you’ve defined in the template.

I’ve put together a simple clojure wrapper around postageapp’s API, called clj-postageapp. It’s got a way to go yet, but it already supports simple send-message requests. There is an easy usage example in the readme, check it out! As always, happy coding!