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Light Table IDE Concept

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Clojure is the bees knees. It is an extremely powerful and flexible language. It is, however, a huge change from some of the most common programming practices and models. There’s no doubt about it, Clojure has a very steep learning curve. In my own experience with learning Clojure, sometimes the more difficult thing to learn is the toolset that allows you to efficiently develop applications in Clojure. Right now the standard seems to be a combination of tools like Emacs and slime/swank. For Emacs newbies like myself, it adds an additional learning burden on top of an already big learning curve. From the beginning of my work with Clojure, I’ve been searching for better tools to help me be more effective with Clojure.

Recently I’ve come across an open source ide project called Light Table. It’s backed by Chris Granger, an already well-known figure in the Clojure community. They’ve put up a kickstarter project for it here and are looking for funding from the open source community to bring the concept to reality. From the concept video, it looks like a very promising project. I’m proud to say that myself and my employer Room Key are supporting Light Table in the form of a $1000 pledge to the kickstarter project. I encourage anyone who works with Clojure or cares about the open source community in general to visit the kickstarter page, checkout the concept video, and give a little something to the cause!

More information on Chris Granger’s Blog